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Whether you are new to the Baptist church - or perhaps new to church at all - here is some information on Port Hope First Baptist that we hope you find useful!

So, how does a Sunday service work?

The Sunday gathering starts at 11am and usually lasts about 75 minutes. We serve coffee and treats after the service to give everyone a chance to meet and visit (it's hard to connect with people when you're sitting in rows looking at the backs of heads!).

I don't really sing. Do I have to sing? What's with all the singing?

Singing is a part of Christian worship gathering for a few reasons. Truths and messages

of praise put to music are easier to remember. Music also touches our emotions and souls in ways that few other things can. God's Spirit works through music to speak to us deeply. And singing together brings us together as a community. So we sing ancient tunes that have stood the test of time, along with new songs written by today's young people. (If you're still not sure about singing, that's fine. Listen and enjoy!)

church port hope

church port hope

port hope first baptist

port hope first baptist

Do I have to dress up?

It's your call. Dress how you feel comfortable - whether t-shirt or tie. Our focus is to connect with God on the inside, not how we look on the outside.

I have kids and teens. Can they come?

All ages are welcome. We have people in our church as old as two and as young as 93! Everyone stays together for the singing part of the gathering. Halfway through the service, children aged 11 and under are dismissed for a program  downstairs just for

them. Teens can stay upstairs (our pastor was a youth pastor for 20 years and works really hard at making his talks relate to teens!)

What is a Sunday service like?

Well, like we said before we worship by singing together. We read a number of portions of scripture, believing that God’s Word is relevant and powerful. We pray together as a church family for our needs. We worship by giving in the offering (if you’re just checking us out, don’t feel obliged to give). Finally, we hear a message from God’s Word by our pastor that we hope will be relevant, challenging and inspirational (because God’s Word is all of those things).

Anything else I should know?

Oh yeah, thanks for asking! The first Sunday of every month we celebrate Communion. Similar to the Eucharist in other traditions, we take time to focus on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for us and what it means to us today.

The third Sunday of every month is Soup Sunday. No coffee and snacks after the service. Instead we welcome everyone who can stay to join us for soup and desserts in the lower auditorium. It’s a great time to meet new people and visit old friends … and it’s free! And delicious!

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