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About Us

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Over 150 Years of Service...

In 1867 the work of erecting the Port Hope First Baptist Church was begun, much to the joy of the Baptist congregation who had been in town since 1855.


Mayor William Craig had talked for some time about building a new chapel and had bought a new site for $800.00 which he gave to the church. The financing for the building was based on the principal of freewill offerings - gifts from eighteen subscribers which amounted $875.00.

Some Interesting "Firsts"

  • The first sermon preached was from 2 Peter 3:14

  • The first Treasurer's balance: Eleven Shillings and Fourpence

  • The first baptisms: June 29th, 1855, 5 people were baptized in Lake Ontario

  • The first organ: December 19th, 1871, offerings were raised for a "melodian" for the church

  • The first choir: With the new organ, some pews were removed to make room for singers' seats

...And Still Serving Today

The challenges of serving and worshipping together during the Covid-19 era have not stopped us from being a serving family within our community.

Sunday services look a bit different, but we still sing as much as the health mandates allow. Teaching is still a core part of how we learn to live our faith the rest of the week.

The Food Bank Garden, small group Bible studies and prayer meetings, quarterly Dinner Deliveries to people around town, Lunch At The Garden and walking alongside homeless friends are all ways we serve together.

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Our Staff

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Rev. Jeff Snow

Senior Pastor,

University Campus Pastoral Worker,

Habs Fan

R preaching Nov 21 bw.jpg

Ministry Associate

Ruth Wilkinson

Music, Creative and Tech,



First Baptist Port Hope
59 John St.
Port Hope, Ontario L1A 2Z3

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